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Moanalua Backpacking Camp

Please join us for the annual Moanalua Backpacking Camp on March 7-8, 2020. We will hike up Moanalua Valley and camp overnight on a slightly elevated campsite next to the trail. It is approximately 3.4 miles to the campsite. The first 2.7 miles of the hike is on a fairly flat dirt road, followed by 0.7 miles on a trail with dense vegetation. Depending on the weather leading up to the hike, the trail can be completely dry or very muddy. There are several stream crossings, although they are pretty small and don’t always carry much water (depending on rain volume). Once we reach the campsite, we will pitch our tents and eat lunch. After lunch, it’s optional to hike an additional and more strenuous 1.3 miles (2.6 miles up and down) to the summit where you’ll get an incredible view of H3 and Kaneohe. If you’ve ever been curious about the Stairway to Heaven, this is a legal alternative. 😉

Btw, hiking up to the summit is required for those using this as a High Adventure qualifier. The pack can be left at the campsite.

Signup sheet is available in the Hut.