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Camporee Deadline November 3

Camporee Deadline November 3

Camporee Date: Friday, November 17 to Sunday November 19, 2017

Place: Bellows Air Force Station

Theme: The Amazing Race – Outwit, Outsmart, Outlast!

Activities: Are you ready to have lots of fun at Camporee?  This year’s activities will include First Aid, Pioneering, Fire Starting, Tent Building, and the Iron Chef competition!

Fees: $40 total for scouts (Aloha Council fee for Camporee is $20 per scout attending plus Troop fee of $5 per meal).  Adults are $35 (Aloha Council fee of $15 and $5 per meal)

There are 2 things you need to do to sign up to attend the Camporee:

  1. 1.Those camping need to sign up by Friday, November 3, either using the sign-up sheet at the scout hut or via e-mail to Mr. Clarence Lau.  Indicate if coming late or leaving early. There is now a maximum of 50 people that a sponsor can sponsor so space is limited and priority will be given to Scouts and ASMs.  Note: Everyone camping must have their valid BSA medical form on file with our Troop.
  2. 2.Those entering the base (driver, family members, guests) must register for base access using the link below by Friday, November 3.  Anyone 16 years or older will be required to provide the following information:
  • ·First, Middle initial, and Last name
  • ·Date of birth
  • ·Driver’s license number
  • ·Whether you’re an US citizen

For those under 16 years old, please add their names under question #6 on the base access form (see link below) when signing up for each persons going into Bellows. This is a new security measure requiring everyone entering Bellows to pre-register, including all family members or guests. Use the link below to register for Base Access:

More details about the Camporee activities and schedule will follow.