Troop 33’s Tropical Storm Darby version of High Adventure

The Scouts of Troop 33 managed to wade over to “Secret Island” on Saturday and do a beach clean up in the middle of the day as a service project will having one eye and one ear on the approaching Tropical Storm Darby.  The campsite at Kualoa absorbed the Troop without incident and was even furnished with a 20 x 40 tent AND an old bathtub fire pit.

hiadv opbase

The Operational Base for High Adventure 2016


hiadv pokem

Oh No!  Pokemon Go?!

Dutch Oven Cooking was on full display since it was very wet for most of Saturday and Sunday.  The Scouts that fished enjoyed catching a turtle that was later released, a small shark that was also released and several small Samoan crabs that served as a late night snack on Saturday night.

hiadv alum

Alumni Scouts and 1st Timers anticipating the contents of the Dutch Oven


hiadv updown

Troop 33’s Upside Down Pineapple Dutch Oven Cake tastes even better in the rain

If it was available to be cooked in a Dutch Oven, the boys prepared it and made sure that it disappeared as soon as it came out of the fire.  Saturday evenings bill of fare was a Shepard’s Pie with RICE!  There was no shortage of cheese topping as applied by Brendan Wong!


hiadv headg

Troop 33 constructing stormproof headgear


hiadv pierce

Pierce is large and in charge a the helm of the Bathtub fire pit

Besides the Dutch Oven meals there was no shortage of Cup of Noodles and other snacks.  The Scoutmasters sat amazed at how these growing boys could wait 15 minutes between snacks and then act as if they hadn’t eaten all day! 

hiadv dutch

Upside Down Dutch Oven Pineapple Cake, perfected at Makahiki & celebrated at High Adventure


hiadv mix

The “Special Mix” with Clementine Tangerines and unnamed jelly surprise

All of the eating gave the boys lots of energy to concentrate on high level brain activity like simultaneous chess displays by Master Aaron Chang.  Somewhere there must have been a Hanafuda card tournament going on at the same time.

hiadv aaron

Aaron Chang displaying simultaneous chess AND eating skills


hiadv nimzo

The intricacies for the Nimzo – Indian against the modified Sicilian Defense on display


hiadv chef

Pierce our Master Chef creating yet another culinary masterpiece


hiadv neil

Neil making sure that he got his fill of Sunday’s “Hawaiian Chicken” special

As you can tell, despite the limitations of the rain and wind provided by Tropical Storm Darby the stalwart Scouts of Troop 33 never fail to make the most of any situation.  This may be the very first High Adventure where they weigh more going home than they started!  Stay tuned for more coverage!                          

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