Moanalua Backpacking March 9-10

This Friday, March 1, is the deadline to sign up for the backpacking camp and hike. For those who are new to backpacking and planning to attend, please bring your pack fully loaded to the meeting this week so that we may help you with appropriate load, pack fitting, and gear selection. This way, you will have time to make any necessary adjustments before the actual camp next week to ensure a safer and more comfortable experience. 

We meet at the park at the end of Ala Aolani Street in the back of Moanalua Valley at 0830. You have the options of camping overnight or day hiking. If you are camping, please park on street outside of the park as the gate will be locked at night. Not sure if they will tow away your car from the park’s parking lot if it’s left overnight. Day hiking can be to the campsite and back, just under 7 miles, or to the top of the ridge and back, a strenuous 10.5 miles. This is a High-Adventure qualifier if you hike to the top of the ridge. (We would prefer if you would hike back down too!)
The hike to the campsite is a little over 3 miles and fairly flat. The challenges will be a number of stream crossings and some muddy sections on the trail. Be prepared to get your shoes wet. If camping, bringing tabis for stream crossings or a lightweight pair of closed-toe camp shoes (no slippers; possibly sneakers or Crocs) to wear at camp to allow feet and hiking shoes to dry out a bit can be helpful. Hiking poles also help with crossing water with a full pack. There may be some fish and prawns in the stream, but it has been a while since we have seen anyone catch something (unlike Manana).
From the campsite, it is another 1.6 miles hike to the top of the ridge, where we are treated to a spectacular view of the Windward side overlooking the H-3. While the view is definitely worth the effort, this part of the hike is very challenging, taking us up over 900 feet in elevation along a portion of the trail which is not maintained by DLNR. It is along a narrow ridge, requiring use of ropes for portions of the hike. These ropes are also not maintained or checked. This portion of the hike should only be attempted by those with some hiking experience, good fitness, solid footwear, and trekking poles (possibly microspikes). We will also need to monitor the weather conditions. Rain around that time may make this portion too muddy and slippery to attempt. 
For questions or concerns, please contact the Assistant Scoutmasters, Mr. Hashiro or Mr. Ng, who are leading this camp, We hope to see a lot of you out there!

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