Philmont Scout Ranch

On Friday Jan. 12, we presented information about an opportunity for Scouts to go to Philmont Scout Ranch, a 140,000 acre permanent BSA site, in New Mexico for a High-Adventure camp from July 22-August 3, 2019. It would be a tremendous experience for our Scouts who are looking to take their High-Adventure camping to the next level. Below are links to their website, as well as to the Power Point presentation containing the pertinent information and YouTube videos which can show you what Philmont has to offer.

The Troop has been awarded this slot via lottery tentatively but will need to put down a deposit by the end of the month to keep it. We need to hear soon from Scouts as well as adults/ASM’s who are able to travel approx. July 20-August 4, 2019. We are trying to put together a crew of 7-12 people, with a minimum of 2 adults. Please look through the information and sign up on the sheet up on the board at the Scout Hut to express your interest in going. Everyone who has gone to Phimont has only wonderful experiences to tell of! If you have questions, please feel free to contact James Ng.


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