High Adventure Planning Meeting

There will be a High Adventure planning meeting this Friday after PLC to discuss and decide where we will go for High Adventure in 2018.  The candidate locations are 1) Haleakala, 2) Waimanu, 3) Kalalau Valley, and 4) Waimea Canyon.  Information on these hikes were presented during the calendar planning meeting this past summer and will be briefly reviewed at the meeting this Friday. 

If you will be eligible for High Adventure next summer (i.e. at least 14 years old, First Class rank or higher, and attend the minimum number of HA Qualifiers in this scouting year) and are interested in attending next year’s HA, then please attend the meeting.  We will do a vote of the scouts present to rank the locations.  This will allow us to proceed with planning and if for some reason the first choice location is not doable, then we’ll plan to go to the second rank location.  If you are not able to attend the meeting this Friday, please let Mr. Hashiro know so he can obtain your vote.



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