Personal Management Merit Badge

Personal Management (Eagle Required) merit badge will be on Saturday, August 26th and Saturday September 2, both days from 1 pm to 4 pm at Manoa Valley Church.  The topics we will cover is very real life and is “stuff” you need to know to head in the right direction on spending, saving and investing.   The course will help you prepare for your  Eagle Project.

It is recommended that each boy be at least first class and above and at least 14 years old.  This is one of the most difficult merit badges to attain due to the requirement that each boy must keep a personal expenditure log for at least 13 weeks.  We discuss topics such as stocks, bonds, compounding, comparison shopping and life insurance which is more applicable to older scouts as they become more financially responsible and prepare themselves for college.  We will be expecting boys who take this class to have read the course material and prepare assigned sections prior to the start of each class.

Please email Brian Hirano and Gregg Matsuura if you are interested.


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