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Visitor Industry Charity Walk, Saturday May 20th

(The only hike where you actually gain weight! It starts with breakfast, has checkpoints with snacks/goodies along the way, and ends with a plate lunch!)

This is a 5.25-mile walk that starts at Ala Moana Beach Park, continues through Waikiki and ends up back at Ala Moana Beach Park.

The cost will be covered by the Troop for Scouts and Scout’s immediate family members. For others (e.g., friends), the donation will be $25 for walkers up to 18 years old and $40 for adults.  Forms are available at the Scout Hut. Please provide completed forms and payment, if applicable, to Corinne Chang (Aaron’s mom) by Friday, May 12th. The forms can also be found online at Go to the Oahu tab for the “downloadable OAHU walker form”. Please do not fill out and submit the forms online, as 1) they will ask for credit card info and payment and 2) it will be difficult to track the members of Troop 33 participating.

Our Troop will meet on the morning of the walk at 6:15 AM at the IBM building parking lot across from the park. Address: 1240 Ala Moana Blvd. Parking lot is on the Auahi Street side of the building.

All scouts must wear Class B Shirts and covered shoes.  Scouts must walk with a buddy.  Siblings should walk with their families.  You may want to bring a bag for the goodies from the checkpoints.  Hats and sunscreen are recommended. Stamp cards will be given to you at the beginning of the walk.  Completed stamp cards will be turned in at the end of the walk for a plate lunch.

The finish will be at McCoy Pavilion Keyhole area in Ala Moana Park.  We will finish at about 10:30, but actual end times depend on the pace of the individual walkers.  Please check out with an ASM before leaving with your parents.

See you there!

Parents:  We are also in need of Course Marshals.  Our troop traditionally provides 5-7 course marshals each year. Please let Corinne Chang know if you are able to be a marshal.

Requirements to be a marshal:

– Must be 18 years of age or older.

– Must be able to check in by 6:00 a.m. at Ala Moana Park on the day of the walk and remain on duty until the last checkpoint closes around 12 noon. Transportation will be provided to/from your assigned areas.

– Must be able to withstand all weather conditions.

– Must be able to stand 4-5 hours. (Breaks will be given)

– Must be able to assertively assist walkers in obeying all traffic and pedestrian laws.

– Must be friendly and professional and know how to have fun while keeping everyone safe!