Cyber Chip Requirements

There is a new BSA requirement that starts this year called Cyber Chip. The following is a link to a web page that explains it.

This requirement is to be done by all scouts every year.  

If you were at this year’s Crossover Camp and participated in the Cyber Chip activity, you need to complete the requirements by watching the video that pertains to your academic grade level:

a) Grades 6-8, watch this video:

b) Grades 9-12, watch three of the videos on this page:

After you have complete the video requirement, you need to read and print out the form linked here:, sign it, have one of your parents sign it, and finally have either Mr Oishi or Mr Atterbom sign it.

If you missed Crossover Camp, we will schedule the Cyper Chip activity again at a later date.


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