High Venture Meeting

For those interested in participating in Troop 33’s High Adventure 2017, please attend a short meeting at the Scout Hut after the troop meeting this Friday, December 2.  The purpose of the meeting is to find out who is interested in participating in the High Adventure and their availability for next Summer so we can start planning.  High Adventure is a multi-day camping event that will challenge your scouting skills, build character and leadership, and develop long lasting memories.  Scouts are eligible to participate in High Adventure if they are at least 14 years old, First Class rank, and complete at least three High Adventure qualifiers.  The location for High Adventure 2017 is Halape on the Big Island, but that has not been decided definitively.  Scouts and adults interested in participating in next year’s High Adventure should come to the meeting with your schedules (regular school, summer school, band, sports, work, etc.) for next summer.  Also, if you have possible other locations for High Adventure, please bring that information too.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, please make your interest known to Mr. Gary Hashiro (ghashiro@hawaii.rr.com) along with your availability for next summer.

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