Popcorn Sales Online

Thanks to last weekend’s hard-working crew of Kyson, Adam, Alexander, Stellan, Eric, and Kaimana, storefront popcorn sales are DONE—they sold out all our troop’s inventory!  However, you can still participate in this fund-raiser: Order forms for family/friends were distributed last Friday, and online sales are ongoing. Go to https://www.trails-end.com/, and click Get Started Now. Click Register a Scout/Parent, then answer some questions to get registered with Troop 33. Craft a short bio and share your page with friends and family (via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or email) to encourage them to support Scouting…and you!  Thanks to Ronin for already racking up some online sales!  Don’t forget, we request a $30 donation to the Troop from all non-sellers—that would be anyone whose name is not mentioned above. Mahalo for your support!


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