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Reminders for Camporee

To Camporee-Goers on 9/30-10/2/16:

Our annual exciting event is finally here next weekend! This year, one Venture Crew from Koolina District will be joining Kapiolani and Koolau District Troops.  This is a great time to meet Scouts from other Troops.  There will be lots of fun skills activities and relays, Tug-a-war, T-shirt dyeing, beach clean-up service project, iron-chef competition, and of course the great campfire. Here’s some important information about base access, directions/base map, parking, and policies.  

GENERAL REMINDERS:  Please arrive to campsite on Friday at 4:00.  Estimated pick up/departure time on Sundayis 9:00.  Class A and B uniforms.  Scouts should bring a brown bag dinner for Friday night.

BASE ACCESS: The gate guards will have a roster of those authorized to enter based on names that have been provided by the sponsors. PLEASE PRESENT YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE OR PICTURE ID SHOWING PROOF OF YOUR NAME AND BIRTHDATE.  Every person 16 years and older is required authorization to access.  Drivers should also have their current car registration, safety check, and insurance available. 

Sponsors:  You may be asked to provide the sponsors’ names at the gate.  They are Thomas Hee, Hyun Chong (Madine) Sadaoka, and Jack Shriver.

DIRECTIONS/MAP:  Please find below the link to the directions to Bellows AFB.  After you turn into Bellows from Kalanianaole Hwy, keep driving all the way in until you reach a guard shack with a security guard where you will show your driver’s license.  Drive straight and turn left on Pine Tree Lane which is right before the group campsite grassy area.  Drive straight and turn right to park.  We have reserved all five group campsites.  Map of Bellows AFB is attached.

Parking: Please park in the Over flow parking area behind the group campsites, as indicated on the map.  If you have heavy equipment or camping gear, you may drive onto the grassy area to drop it off.

GENERAL POLICIES:  Attached are general policies when camping at Bellows.  Please read it carefully.  The sponsors are held responsible for your conduct and to ensure all base rules and guidelines are adhered.  We ask that every unit does a sweep to clean their camping area before they leave as well as put back any tables that were moved.Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.