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Camporee Sign Up and Base Access Registration

The annual Joint Camporee event with Kapiolani and Koolau Districts will be held on September 30 – October 2at Bellows AFB.  This fun-filled event will have many skills-based activities and a great way to meet Scouts from other troops so please join us there!   This event is generally open to Scouts and ASMs.

Bellows AFB is on a military installation requiring authorization/sponsorship to access the base by anyone who is 16 years or older.  To access the base, please register at the below Googledocs Form, Section 1 (copy and paste the link below into a new tab and then complete).   You’ll be asked to provide the first name, last name, and date of birth.  Section 2 is for Scouts and ASMs who will attend/camp.  If there are two Scouts attending/camping in your family, please complete a separate form for the other scout.

To protect the security and privacy of the information, access to the data file is restricted.  You will not be able to see or edit any data once it is submitted.  Please make sure the data is correct before clicking the Submit button.  THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP AND REGISTER IS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2016
Fees are as follows and will be collected at the troop meetings:  
1.  Registration Fee: Scouts $15

2.  Meal Fee:  Entire weekend $20, Anything less $10

Any questions on sign up or base access can be addressed to Mrs. Sadaoka.  Thank you!