20 Mile Hike

The 20-Mile hike will be on Sunday, September 4.  We will meet at the Scout Hut at 6:00 am.  From the Scout Hut, we will hike to Manoa Falls, then up the mountain side to the Tantalus ridge line, then down to Old Pali Road & Pali Highway.  We plan to arrive at Pali Highway between 11:00 and 11:30.  We will have lunch there and refill water.  From there we will shuttle by car to the Hairpin Turn Scenic Lookout on the Kaneohe side of Pali Highway where we will continue the hike along the base of the Koolau mountain and end in Waimanalo.  We estimate the first group getting to the end in Waimanalo around 5:00 pm with the last group arriving around 7:00 pm.  Headlamps are required for all second half hikers.

The hike has some awesome view and unusual sites.  There are water falls, bamboo forests, panoramic views, giant ferns, and water seeping out of the rocks at the base of the Koolau.

The hike is long and challenging.  The elevation gain on the first half is about 1,400 feet.  The second half is somewhat flat, but is long and the terrain is rugged at times.  You can choose to do only half of the hike (either first half or second half) or if after the first half you feel that you don’t want to do the second half, you can opted out at the end of the first half.  For those going only on the second half, you should meet us at Old Pali Road and Pali Highway by 11:30.  Do not meet us at the Hairpin Turn Scenic Lookout as there is very limited parking there.

Deadline to sign-up is this Friday, August 26.  You can sign up at the Scout Hut or on the web-site.  

We will need help with transportation, especially to shuttle hikers from the end of the 1st half to the start of the 2nd half.  Please indicate when you sign-up if you are able to help with transportation and how many people you can carry in addition to the driver.




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